Support Flexible Work Scheduling Through AB 1761

There is no going back to a pre-pandemic world. In the midst of COVID businesses were forced to transition to a work from home situation and as things started to ease a bit and some returned to the office, a hybrid model was put into place. Whether it be small businesses or corporations, employers realized how much can be done at home, and how much more productive their employees are when they have the flexibility. 

Assembly Bill 1761 (Voepel) is important now more than ever given California is requiring reductions in GHG emissions. Employees are able to work from home, while their children are either studying from home or in a hybrid model for their school as well. And there has been less stress and financial burden on families. 

Specifically with the pandemic, a flexible work schedule will allow for more social distancing. Employees will be able to start and end the day at home and have limited office hours, or even stagger their schedules with their coworkers so there is less bodies in the office. We are trying to limit large crowds in smaller areas so our transit system will also be alleviated of overcrowding.

The pandemic has ensured us that it is time for a flexible work schedule.