Maryland "Ghost Gun" Ban Passes Legislature and Heads to Gov. Hogan

Gov. Larry Hogan has a big decision to make.  On 03/29/22 the Maryland House passed Senate Bill 387, The Untraceable Firearms Bill, joining the State Senate in advancing the legislation.  The bill now heads to Gov. Hogan's desk for either his approval or a veto.  The Untraceable Firearms Bill states that any firearm manufactured after Oct. 22, 1968 must have a serial number.  Additionally, Senate Bill 387 would ban the sale of "ghost guns" beginning June 1st of this year. Possession of these guns would become illegal in the state on March 1, 2023.  If caught with a "ghost gun", an individual could face up to two years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

FPC needs you to remind Gov. Hogan that the right to self-manufacture one's own firearm has pre-dated the foundation of this country.  Take action by utilizing FPC's constituent outreach tool on this page and reach out to Gov. Hogan directly.  FPC has drafted a sample email that you are encouraged to review, edit, and personalize prior to sending it off to the governor's inbox.