Public Comment on the CLCPA Draft Scoping Plan - Agriculture and Forestry

New York State's Climate Action Council, is collecting public input on the Draft Scoping Plan and advance work on a Final Scoping Plan to guide the implementation of the State's nation-leading climate goals under the CLCPA.

This letter is related to the Agriculture and Forestry Section - More OCP Campaigns on additional sections of the draft Scoping Plan will be forthcoming..  Please feel free to edit the letter as best to fit your organization and any highlights you might want to show about your land or organization.

We must ensure that we provide comments that the forests are the natural and affordable solution to climate change and must be included in the Scoping Plan.

This letter is for the Agriculture and Forestry Section.  

Please keep in mind that once you fill in the personal information in the box to the right, you will be sent to the letter we have written.  This is an editable letter.  Feel free to add a  paragraphs which includes:

  • how this legislation will impact your business - specifically the supply chain issues
  • what your specific issue is/does
  • where your business is located
  • how many employees your have
  • any other pertinitent information which will be useful and supportive