The Time is NOW to Pass Permitless Carry in Louisiana

Permitless carry is on the move in Louisiana.

House Bill 37 is working its way through the legislature and will be up for a final vote in the House on 4/18/2022. If that vote is successful, HB 37 will head to the Senate.

The importance of pressuring your legislators to SUPPORT this legislation can not be stressed enough.

In 2021, permitless carry passed the legislature with impressive majorities. But then a handful of turncoat “pro-gun” legislators betrayed gun owners by changing their votes at the 11th hour and failed to override the Governor’s veto in the process – snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

We can not let them get away with this again!

Please use our constituent outreach tool on this page to contact your legislators to tell them to SUPPORT House Bill 37.