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Dear Amiga, 

Did you know that Latinas in California earn 42 cents for every dollar earned by a White man - the most significant wage gap in the nation? This wage gap is a persistent trend for well over a decade, in fact, NO PROGRESS was made to narrow it between 2010 and 2020.

To begin to address pay equity, Senator Limón introduced SB1162: Pay Transparency for Pay Equity.

SB 1162 (Limón) requires employers to provide a salary range on all job postings and to make promotional opportunities available to current employees. Additionally, this bill requires employers with 100 or more employees to publicly report pay data broken down by race, ethnicity, and sex for both direct employees and employees hired through a third-party staffing agency.

Increasing pay transparency is a critical component to closing the wage gap, including at the
hiring stage. Research shows that when job applicants are clearly informed about the context for negotiations, including the salary range, women are more willing to negotiate, more successful in negotiating, and the gender wage gap narrows. Providing job applicants, with the salary range for a position can also help an employer more efficiently and accurately match with candidates whose salary requirements are aligned with what the employer can offer. Promotion practices are also key to achieving equity in pay and in advancement opportunities. Posting publicly or announcing promotion opportunities internally to
all employees helps ensure there is a wider and more diverse candidate pool and prevents
discriminatory promotion practices that contribute to the gender and race wage gap.

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