Support AB1746 by Assembly Member Medina today!

Dear Amiga, 

To ensure that California’s Financial Aid system is based on access and equity, Assemblymember Medina introduced AB1746 which would finalize the state’s commitment to the Cal Grant Equity Framework. A follow up to last year’s AB1456, this year’s proposal would simplify the requirements to better meet students’ actual costs to attend college.

This bill modernizes and expands student access to Cal Grant, to better support students, fill in the gaps of the current financial aid and serve those who need aid the most.

AB1746 will consolidate the numerous Cal Grant programs into the Cal Grant 2 and 4 as well as:

Remove GPA barriers for adult learners
Provides a Cal Grant 2 to all CCC students with Pell-level incomes, regardless of status
Increase eligibility for 200,000 more students

For these reasons, we strongly urge your support for this urgent effort led by your students, the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC), civil rights, and business leaders to adopt a Cal Grant Equity Framework NOW. 

But we need your help! Will you send your legislator letter advocating for AB1746 today? This step will take less than 1 minute of your time and have a HUGE IMPACT. Your Voice Needs to be heard! 

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Thanks, amiga! Together we can make a huge impact! 

More Questions? Contact HOPE's Policy Director, Vanessa Spagnoli at or at 951-741-1371.