Tell the House to REJECT the GOP's gun control bill NOW!


The U.S. Senate just voted to pass S. 2938, sending this legislation to the House of Representatives. As many as 15 Republicans voted in favor of this high treason. The bill will now move to the House, which could conduct a FINAL VOTE in less than 24 hours.

It is therefore MISSION CRITICAL that you reach out to your representatives RIGHT NOW and demand that they vote NO on this unconstitutional affront to free people. 


With the U.S. Senate's after-hours release of their 80-page bipartisan gun control deal, FPC is calling on all of our supporters to get engaged by writing their U.S. Senators directly in opposition to this legislative abomination.

For weeks we have watched as varying gun control proposals were floated by BOTH Democrats and Republicans. With the agreement finalized and encapsulated in Senate Bill 2938, one thing is sure: the peaceable people of this country are going to get shafted.

Republicans are selling you out and playing politics with your rights.

So how bad is it?  Senators are willing to provide funds for the enforcement of red flag gun confiscation laws.  They intend to increase the number of people currently prohibited from purchasing and possessing firearms. Additionally, they are going to treat young adults under 21 as a sub-class of people.  

If we want to be completely honest, this bill wouldn't be able to move at all without "pro-gun" Republican senators betraying you and supporting this garbage.  But selling out their constituents is par for the course in Washington, D.C.  Unfortunately for them, FPC is not going to give them a pass or an "A" grade like other organizations. On the contrary, we're going to "stand and fight" side-by-side with you. 

We still have time to pressure these Senators into opposing Senate Bill 2938.  To make the necessary impact, we need FPC supporters to take action and share this page with like-minded liberty advocates.  The more we flood the inboxes of legislators, the more they will understand this issue is non-negotiable for their constituents. Voting for this bill is guaranteed to negatively impact their political career. To hold your U.S. Senators accountable, simply use FPC's take action outreach tool on this page.  FPC has drafted a sample email that you are encouraged to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it off to your elected officials.  Do not hold back. Remind those in D.C. who they work for and let's derail "The Great Concession of 2022" before it's too late.