Reject Gov. Murphy's Latest Gun Control Package!

The New Jersey state legislature has been busy the last few weeks advancing numerous gun control measures.  After multiple failures over the last few legislative sessions, Gov. Murphy's renewed push for his burdensome anti-rights priorities has reached a fever pitch.  Emboldened by a change of leadership in the legislature, Gov. Murphy is convinced that his agenda will not be stalled.

Among the bills progressing through the state legislature are S1204/A1179 which would require out-of-state firearm owners moving into the state to obtain a firearm purchaser identification card within 60 days of moving into the state (with a 30-day grace period for first-time offenders), S2846/A4367 which would upgrade various crimes related to the manufacture or transportation of ghost guns and other untraceable guns from the 3rd degree to the 2nd degree (a crime of the second degree is punishable by five to 10 years imprisonment, a fine of up to $150,000, or both), and S2906/A4370 which would require training for those trying to obtain an FPIC, and makes FPICs expire after 10 years (excluding existing FPICs).  This is in addition to a .50 cal ban (S2905/A4366) and body armor ban (S2847/A4369). Other bills to monitor that are included in the package are S1893/A1765, S2903/A1302, and S2907/A4368.

To help once again defeat Gov. Murphy's gun control efforts, please utilize FPC's constituent outreach tool located on this page.  FPC has drafted a sample email that will go directly to the inboxes of your specific legislators.  Please review, edit, and personalize the email before sending it off.  FPC stands with the peaceable people of New Jersey and against Gov. Murphy's tyrannical agenda.