HANDS OFF MY REWARDS! Oppose the Durbin-Marshall credit card routing bill

On July 25th, 2022, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) introduced legislation that would enact new credit card routing mandates. Essentially, this legislation would allow big-box retailers–like Amazon–to process credit card transactions over cheaper, unaffiliated payment networks. This would add billions of dollars to the bottom lines of mega-retailers every year.  Here’s the problem: This legislation would eliminate almost all the funding that goes towards popular credit cards rewards programs like cash back and travel points. Consumers have come to love their rewards cards, and for good reason: in 2020 rewards programs returned roughly $60 billion to customers. If the Durbin-Marshall bill becomes law, those rewards programs will be gone.

You can play an important role in standing up against special interests in Washington to protect valuable credit card rewards programs that benefit small businesses and American consumers across all income levels. In less than a minute, you can email your U.S. Senator and tell them, “HANDS OFF MY REWARDS!” and oppose the Durbin-Marshall credit card routing legislation. Together, we can stop big-box retailers from pocketing billions of dollars at the expense of American consumers, small businesses,