COMBAT the ATF Improvement and Modernization “AIM Act” (H.R.8460) NOW!

Totalitarians in the capital are pushing for a massive expansion in the resources and capabilities of the ATF, empowering them with a national gun registry, searchable database of firearm transactions, and expanded funding and manpower. This unprecedented seizing of power must be ended before it can be used against the people, and we need your help to do it!

If passed, H.R. 8460 would do ALL of the following:

  • Allow the ATF to create a searchable database of firearm transactions, AKA a national gun registry
  • Eliminate funding caps on expenses and salaries at the ATF, giving these unelected bureaucrats even more of your tax money to carry out raids and other anti-gun activities
  • Allow the ATF to farm out their duties to other government agencies
  • Would repeal the prohibition on the government keeping your background check information longer than 24 hours, potentially letting them maintain it indefinitely
  • Lower the standard for the revocation of FFLs 

This bill only serves to further empower the jackbooted thugs of the Federal Government, making it a dream piece of legislation for all those opposed to the people and their liberty. That is why H.R.8460 must be unequivocally opposed. We still have time to stall this legislation out, so make sure you use the FPC constituent outreach tool on this page to demand your legislators oppose this expansion of tyrannical authority!