Oppose SB 918, California’s latest attack on the right to carry

Governor Newsom and his fellow tyrants in the California Legislature are attempting to punish gun owners for the recent pro-2A SCOTUS decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen with SB 918.

This legislation directly thumbs its nose at the court’s decision by replacing “may issue” with “shall issue” but then effectively bans carry in all public spaces by defining virtually all of California as a so-called “sensitive place.”

The tyrants in Sacramento are basically saying “Sure, you can have a permit, but you just can’t carry a gun anywhere with it.” 

That means even if you already possess a CCW, SB 918 would for all intents and purposes render it moot… making it only worth the paper it’s printed on.

But that’s not all, because SB 918 would also:

  • Add even more subjectivity to the carry application process, despite the Bruen decision, allowing unelected bureaucrats to continue finding cute ways to deny you a CCW
  • Require character witnesses to obtain a CCW 
  • Force private businesses to announce their position on concealed carry with signage, opening them up to retaliation
  • Remove prohibitions on local municipalities adding additional fees and requiring liability insurance

In other words, the State also wants to attack you financially in a myriad of ways for daring to exercise your fundamental right to carry. 

An urgency clause allowing the bill to become law immediately has been added to the bill as well, but it triggers a 2/3rds vote requirement.

The tyrants will try to force this down our throats as quickly as possible, but we can still stop them with your support.

We need you to TAKE ACTION using our FPC constituent outreach tool on this page to demand that your legislators vote “NO!” on SB 918, and kill it before the Tyrants can use it to ruin California’s new “Shall Issue” status before it even had the chance to flourish.