Stop the HR 8534 Gun Licensing Scheme!

Salivating at the thought of more gun control after ramming through the “assault weapons” ban in the House, the anti-gunners want to ride the momentum they believe they have.

Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ-3) has introduced his version of Sen. Booker’s “Anti-Gun Apocalypse” bill, HR. 8534, which calls for a federal license (aka “permission slip”) to purchase or receive firearms.

They are after it all. 

Licensing: The bill would require a federal firearms license in order to purchase, receive or transfer a firearm, given at the discretion of the Attorney General.

Registration: All firearms purchased with the firearms license would be registered with the federal government.

Confiscation: At any time the Attorney General could deem you unfit to own a firearm and order the confiscation of all of your firearms.

In addition to all the above, the bill would also allow for the Attorney General to deny your application for numerous reasons, including how frequently you purchase firearms or ammunition.

This is none of the government’s business.

Also, don’t even think about selling a firearm privately, unless you immediately report it to the AG’s office along with identifying information on you, the buyer, and the firearm.

Regardless of what bullshit title they use on this bill, its intention is plain. They want to end the private ownership of firearms in the United States. 

Just like with Sen. Booker’s “Anti-Gun Apocalypse” bill, you must TAKE ACTION! 

Contact the House and demand they vote no on this TERRIBLE legislation before it can even go to the floor for a vote!

Use the FPC constituent outreach tool on this page to let those on the committee know that rights do not require permission and they are not up for negotiation!