Fight the Anti-Gun Schemes in Pennsylvania!

The tyrants in Harrisburg are trying to get FOUR more gun bills on the Governor's desk, H.B. 2775, H.B. 2788, H.B. 2621, and H.B. 2518.

H.B. 2775 is their permit to purchase and possess bill, which aims to lock your ability to lawfully exercise your right to keep and bear arms behind a government issued permit, subject to all of the terms and conditions therein.

H.B. 2788 is a bill moving the age prohibition to 21, making it so those who are legally adults but under the age of 21 are restricted from lawfully possessing firearms. 

H.B. 2621 is the bill that would ban the sale of standard sized magazines, prohibitting their sale, possession, use, or transfer. 

H.B. 2518 would require a permit in order to openly carry a firearm, adding additional layers of comliance and paperwork to excesise a innate right.

These bills both run in the face of recent pro-freedom rulings and precedents established by the Supreme Court in NYSRPA v. Bruen, and show the utter contemp the anti-gun politicians in Harrisburg have for the people and their rights.

They are attempting to neuter your ability to freely exercise your natural rights and lock them behind endless bureaucratic compliance and arbitrary age restrictions. 

With only a few months til the election and the following close of session, they are going to try and force these issues to the governor's desk, who we all know would be more than happy to sign them into law.

Help us in demanding that your legislators reject both of these measures, and reaffirm to them that our rights are not up for negotiation, regulation, or cessation.

Use the FPC Constituent Outreach Tool located on this page to send a letter to your representatives, and share this page with all of your family and friends in Pennsylvania.