Stop the proposed ordinances in LA county!

The Los Angeles board of supervisors has directed their attorneys to draft a series of draconian, dystopian-esqu ordinances designed to make the purchasing of firearms and ammunition even more difficult than it already is in the area.

The proposals take aim at private businesses, putting their continued operation in jeopardy and making it much more difficult and expensive to stay in business.

They include:

  • Banning the sale and possession of .50 cal ammunition and firearms in unincorporated areas
  • Limiting where gun/ammunition stores can be located, creating a “buffer zone” between them and an ever expanding list of “sensitive places”
  • Ban firearms on all county property
  • Force auction stores to obtain a local permit to conduct business
  • Restrict minors’ access to gun and ammunition stores
  • Require stores to submit annual sales logs and weekly inventory reports
  • Require that they maintain a fingerprint log, instal security cameras, and distribute information on “gun owner responsibilities and gun laws along with options for nearby gun safety classes”

These directives are just the latest attempt from the local officials to hamstring the ability of people living in LA county from being able to freely exercise their rights.

Their justification under “common sense gun safety” is anything but, and would only make it more more dangerous for those who try and comply with the laws, as well as jeopardize the continued business of the already embattled firearms and ammunition stores.

Take action by using the FPC Constituent Outreach Tool on this page to let your county officials know that these proposed ordinances are unacceptable and should be opposed!