PREVENT the INCREASED taxation of firearms and ammunition!

The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act, H.R. 8957, has been re-introduced by Rep. Davis, Danny K. [D-IL-7]. We need your help defeating it!

H.R. 8957 would increase the excise tax levied on firearms and ammunition by 0.5%, extend the tax to unfinished frames and receivers.

The tax on transfers and NFA items would also be indexed to inflation, greatly increasing the cost of business for FFLs and brokers, which undoubtedly would be passed on to everyday people trying to exercise their rights. 

All of the extorted revenue from these increased taxes would be funneled into a government slush fund, aimed at further justifying the restriction of your rights by funding thinly guise anti-gun and liberty “research” (propaganda). 

This is a blatant punitive action directed at the people to discourage their acquisition of firearms and ammunition, and needs to be soundly returned to the trash can they drug it out of as well as remove the underlying tax codes that make it possible. 

Use the Firearms Policy Coalition Constituent Outreach Tool on this page to contact your Representative and DEMAND they OPPOSE this legislation today!