STOP the fast-tracked New STOP the fast-tracked New Jersey Bruen response bill!

New Jersey leadership has introduced their official response to the recent Bruen decision, and are attempting to fast track it through the legislature. 

The changes that this bill brings are numerous, but this is a summarized list.

A4769 would:

  • Raises the fees for all types of gun permits
  • Allow the police to request your public social media history
  • Limit carry permits to concealed carry only
  • Remove the Superior Court judges from the carry permit application process
  • Require that all holsters have a "retention strap"
  • Require online, in-person, AND live-fire training
  • Require all carriers to have liability insurance, carrying without insurance is punishable by up to 18 months in prison
  • Ban the carry of more than 2 guns at once
  • Require informing police that you're carrying upon being detained, failure to do so is punishable by up to 18 months in prison
  • Ban guns in numerous locations and in the parking lots of those numerous locations
  • Allow local jurisdictions to add to the list of off limits places
  • Bans guns at the hotels attached to casinos
  • Bans guns in public places where TV shows and movies are being filmed
  • Bans guns in "public transportation hubs"
  • Install New York's "vampire rule" that bans guns on all private property without express permission
  • Ban carry permit holders from carrying "while in a vehicle" unless the gun is unloaded and locked away.

That is a whole ton of bullshit. 

Please, use the Firearms Policy Coalition Constituent Outreach Tool on this page to contact your legislators and DEMAND they STOP this bill!