Stop the ATFs upcoming pistol brace rule change!

By the new year the ATF is expected to release its new rule regarding pistol braces, potentially impacting 40 million braced firearms in circulation, crippling the braced pistol market, and turning their owners into felons over night.

This rule change could change current short barreled pistols into short barreled rifles and shotguns (SBRs & SBSs), placing them under regulation by the National Firearms Act (NFA) and requiring them to be registered and taxed. Those who would not comply with this new directive could face prison, fines, and confiscation, which is likely the intent of the State.

There is still time for Congress to halt the implementation of this rule, but we need everybody to contact their Senators and Reps and demand that this rule be halted and that the ATF not be allowed to exceed their authority by crafting laws, bypassing the legislature's constitutional mandate.

Please, use the Firearms Policy Coalition Constituent Outreach Tool on this page to send a letter to your Senators and Reps, demanding they take action to preserve our rights and protect the 40 million plus people that will be affected by this tyrannical overreach.