Urge State Legislators to Support House Bill 1347- Diaper Stipend

We ask to you to please take immediate, quick action to support low-income families with a diaper stipend.  PLEASE TAKE ONE MINUTE TO TELL YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS TO SUPPORT HOUSE BILL 1347.

HB1347 would provide a diaper allowance for low-income families to be used only to purchase diapers and shall be issued through an electronic benefit transfer card.

Advocates say this is not just a financial issue, but a health one as well. Caregivers in poverty are faced with many difficult decisions to provide for their family - pay the electric bill or rent or medical bills or buy food. How to pay for diapers is yet another difficult choice. Diaper need is a serious issue experienced by approximately 1 in 3 parents. Caregivers experiencing diaper need cannot afford to keep their child clean and dry, often stretching for hours without a diaper change or using inadequate options as a substitute.

For Illinois to be one of the best states to raise a family, we must enact policies providing access to clean diapers, a basic need for children and families. The Ahlquist Center at Children's Home & Aid is collaborating on legislation to create a monthly allowance for families of certain incomes to purchase diapers. The diaper allowance, similar to legislation enacted in California and Washington, would provide resources directly to families who need it the most and impact over 100,000 children and their families.


Send a note to your elected official and urge them to support HB1347.

Please Take Action Now!