It Is Time for the North Carolina Legislature to Act

We all know that the federal government is out of control. As a Convention of States supporter, you know that the only way to institute term-limits for Congress and the unelected beaurocrats, restore fiscal sanity in D.C., and to rein-in the federal governmen is for the states to act.

Nineteen (19) states have passed the Convention of States resolution. Now it is time for the North Carolina legislature to act! However, they won't act without hearing from you, their constituent. It is your voice that motivate your state legislators into action.

Tell your legislators that you support the COS resolution and that want them to pass it this year. It is TIME to bring the power back to the people and the states.

Please take a minute now to send an email and call your state representative and state senator. Additionally, record a quick 30 to 45 second video and send to him/her.