TAKE ACTION on the Washington "assault weapon" ban!

The tyrants in Washington are at it again for a 7th time pushing for an "assualt weapon" ban. This bill is copy and paste from almost every other ban, outlawing the sale, manufacturing, and possesion of many of the most common rifle patforms by name, such as most AR-15s, AK-47s, and the like. 

This bill is closer than ever to passing, having to only go through the Senate now, and will only be stopped if EVERYONE contacts their representitives and demand it be opposed!

In addition to this bill, HB 1179 and HB 1195 have been introduced and are a direct assualt on wheree you can carry and gives local municipalities athority to FURTHER restrict gun rights in their jurisdictions.

All three bills are moving to commitee. 

The right side of the isle lost big this election, and their majority is at a all time low, meaning it is all hands on deck to get this shut down, 

This bill is an unacceptable assault on your fundamental human rights and MUST be opposed with all the vigor we can muster. Reach out to your members of the state legislature TODAY by utilizing FPC's constituent outreach tool located on this page and demand that they oppose this, or any other, assault weapons ban!