TAKE ACTION on the Hawaii Anti-gun bills!

A slew of gun bills have made their way into the Hawaii legislative calendar this session, and none of them are good news.

Currently, the Hawaii bills introduced so far include:

  • HB119/SB234: Would make it a petty misdemeanor if someone sees your concealed gun through your clothing and reports it
  • SB11: Requires the notification of the FBI Terrorist Screening Center every time someone applies for a gun permit
  • SB1230: A Bruen response bill, increasing the number of off-limits places, making the use of a carry license a regulatory nightmare. 
  • SB122: Bans non-police "aliens" from applying for gun permits "in the interest of national security"
  • SB166: Extends handgun magazine ban to all firearms

Use the Firearms Policy Coalition to DEMAND that your elected official oppose these bills and reject all calls to disarm and impede the rights of the people of Hawaii!