TAKE ACTION on the New Mexico Anti-gun bills!

A slew of gun bills have made their way into the New Mexico legislative calendar this session, and none of them are good news.

Currently, the New Mexico bills introduced so far include:

  • SB 171: Bans the possession of what it calls "Assault Pistols", essentially ALL rifle caliber pistols or any pistol that has an automatic version (I.E. Glocks).
  • SB 116: Bans the possession and purchase of firearms for anyone under the age of 21.

  • HB 50: Would ban standard capacity magazines or anyone other than state agents.
  • HB 100: Adds a 14-day waiting period on the purchase of a firearm.
  • SB 114: Bans the carry of firearms at places that sell spirits.

Use the Firearms Policy Coalition to DEMAND that your elected official oppose these bills and reject all calls to disarm and impede the rights of the people of New Mexico!