Fight the anti-gun bills in Minnesota!

Multiple firearm bills are making their way through the Minnesota legislature, and we need your help in making sure they do not advance to become law!

HF 14 seeks to implement near- Universal Background Checks (UBCs) at the state level. A disastrous policy, background checks and the NICS system in general have been shown time and time again to be incredibly fallible and prone to errors. This bill would only serve to deprive law-abiding people of their rights and endanger those in need of finding a way to defend themselves

HF 15 would institute "Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders", allowing the chief law enforcement officer, the chief law enforcement officer's designee, a city or county attorney, any family or household members of the respondent, or a guardian, to petition the court to remove your firearms without any trial, conviction, or due-process. This violates multiple rights, and would certainly be abused by the state or other nefarious actors.

HF 396 would require the "safe storage" of firearms and ammunition, making them all but useless in the event of an emergency and leaving you and your family defenseless at home. This bill would require the firearm to be locked up and stored sperate from ammuntion when not under direct control of the owner or an authorized user. It is none of the State's business where or how you keep your firearms.

And finally, HF 601 would require mandatory reporting, a practice that has been proven totally ineffective at impacting crime committed with firearms in any measurable way by a RAND study. This only serves to victimize the victim of the firearm theft if the firearm isnt reported as they outline. This just gives the State more tools to target gun owners, as the time that the reporting is required is discretionary based on what the State deems "reasonable." 

Any one of these bills alone would be severely harmful to gun owners in Minnesota, and the fact that all four could pass with their new trifecta in the state is very troubling. 

Use the Firearms Policy Coalition Constituent Outreach Tool on this page to send a letter to your Representative and demand they oppose these bills!