Contact Your Elected Representative and Ask them to Stop a $6 minimum Wage Hike

Albany lawmakers are calling for another increase in the state’s minimum wage. New York’s mandated minimum hourly wage of $15 downstate and $14.20 upstate already exceeds that of all but three states. A minimum wage increase would only help a small percentage of the state’s workforce while adversely impacting a large share of small businesses across the state.

There are currently two major minimum wage proposals in New York, one far more costly than the other. Both proposals would tie future minimum wage increases to inflation, but one calls for a 40% increase before doing so. A $6 per hour wage hike equals a $12,480 per employee increase yearly. 

Everyday businesses face challenges in New York, including costs and mandates impacting their workforce. An increased minimum wage would only expand those burdens on the employers least likely to absorb the enhanced costs and put businesses and jobs at risk.