TAKE ACTION on the Minnesota anti-gun omnibus bill!

The tyrants in Minnesota are pushing for one bill to rule them all, SF 1723.

This anti-gun omnibus bill is a tyrant's wet dream, calling for a litny of anti-gun/anti-freedom policies such as:

  •  Registration of all firearms
  •  Registration of all magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds
  •  Registration of most semi-automatic rifles
  •  Require all gun owners to have a permit to possess any firearms
  •  Require all gun owners to have liability insurance
  •  Prohibit carry at all government facilities & properties
  •  Restrict gun owners to only 1 firearm purchase every 30 days
  •  Creates a crime to carry a firearm past a sign
  •  Ban the purchase of most semi-automatic rifles
  •  Bar 18-20 year old adults from possessing handguns or most semi-automatic rifles
  •  Require physical and mental health testing as determined by the Commissioner of Public Safety

Plus even more.

This bill is an unacceptable assault on your fundamental human rights and MUST be opposed with all the vigor we can muster. Reach out to your members of the state legislature TODAY by utilizing FPC's constituent outreach tool located on this page and demand that they oppose this disastorous bill!