Florida Library Day

The Florida Library Association is asking our #LibraryAdvocates across the state to tell their legislators that libraries need sustained funding. Take ACTION today!

Florida's libraries provide a wide range of resources and services to their communities, including access to books, digital media, and educational programs. They serve as a hub for learning, social engagement, and community building, and promote literacy and lifelong learning for people of all ages. Overall, Florida's libraries play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life and promoting the growth and development of their communities. 

Key Library Funding Goals:

  • State Aid to Public Libraries Grant Program - Sustain $17,500,000 in recurring funds, in conjunction with $6,000,000 in non-recurring funding (F.S. 257.17)
  • Public Library Construction Grants - Appropriate funding of $9,000,000 to support nineteen ranked, eligible applications (F.S. 257.191)
  • Library Cooperative Grant - Support recurring funding of $2,000,000 (F.S. 257.40-42)
  • Career Online High School - Appropriate $750,000.
  • Colleges’ and Universities’ Essential Library and Distance Learning Services - Support recurring $22,583,517 for library, distance learning and student services. Appropriate $1,500,000 in non-recurring funding for library electronic resources. (Florida Postsecondary Academic Library Network, F.S. 1006.73)

View FLA's full 2023 Legislative Platform on our website

Thank you for being a #LibraryChampion!