Ask Flying M Coffee to Stop Dispensing Abortifacient Drugs

Coffee lovers lament! Two locations of Flying M Coffee are dispensing free abortifacient drugs to community members—and we need you to tell them you're taking your business elsewhere!

The abortifacient display boxes are stocked by Idaho Abortion Rights, a “mutual aid collective” that assists women in acquiring illegal chemical abortion drugs.

Misleadingly classified as “emergency contraception” by the FDA, abortifacients like ella, Julie, and Plan B are not legally classified as abortion pills.

But depending on the specific mechanism of action used, each of these abortifacients can end a pregnancy after conception:

  • Plan B and Julie (also known as the morning after pill) can prevent the implantation of a zygote—a living human being in the earliest stage of the development
  • In addition to preventing implantation after fertilization, ella can cause an abortion by depriving a developing baby of the pregnancy hormone progesterone
  • Researchers have also found that ella is embryotoxic even at low doses and may cause some birth defects

These drugs don’t belong in community places like coffee shops—especially within reach of children. It’s time for Christians to send a message that they'll be voting with their dollars until Flying M Coffee stops distributing these deadly drugs!