Boston APFA Members - ACT NOW!

On June 2, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that the Massachusetts Earned Sick Time Law (MESTL) would no longer apply to airlines. On April 4, 2018, a lawsuit was filed by Airlines for America (A4A) claiming that MESTL caused airline employees to abuse sick time which in turn caused delays and cancellations of flights.

American Inflight management claims that they are here to support our workforce, but in the courtroom, testimony revealed just the opposite. When Flight Attendants are sick, they need more support from management, not to be attacked for using sick time provided under Massachusetts law.

You must use a Massachusetts address. If you are a BOS-based Flight Attendant but do not have a Massachusetts address, please use the Boston Logan Airport Address: One Harborside Drive Suite 200S, East Boston, MA 02128