Boise Pride Sponsors: Stop Sexualizing Children!

Just like last year, Boise Pride organizers intend to sexualize children and desecrate the public square with so-called “family friendly” entertainment that is anything but.

In addition to bounce houses, snow cones, and face painting activities that are clearly targeted at young children, Boise Pride will also feature performances from burlesque groups and other sex workers, according to the newly released festival schedule:

  • At the "Rainbow Reading Time," self-described “draglesque” sex workers will read books to children from the stage (for those not in the know, draglesque is a portmanteau of drag and burlesque)
  • Two burlesque shows have been scheduled for the main stage on Friday and Saturday respectively, including one show that will be performed by sex workers in the Corevette Collective
  • The festival has also scheduled drag queen Virgo Moon, who regularly performs at Boise nightclubs and dabbles in satanic imagery

Boise Pride can’t exist without the funding it receives through corporate sponsorships.

With that in mind, it’s time to tell corporate executives that everyday Idahoans will not support businesses and organizations which sponsor any event exploiting impressionable children.