USA will NOT Comply


The United States is under threat! The United Nations and the World Health Organization are the source of global tyranny resulting in the destruction of personal and national health, autonomy, and sovereign power by our complicit government.

The "COVID pandemic" was just a "dry-run" for the real thing.  Agenda 2030 programs are being implemented now by UN/WHO in the USA to accomplish:

- Loss of Personal or National Sovereignty /Agenda 2030 / the Great Reset
- Vaccine and/or Mask Mandates
- Transhumanism / "Internet of Bodies"
- Lockdowns / Quarantines / Travel Restrictions
- Social Engineering / Behaviour Modification / Social Distancing
- Violation of Property Rights
- Violation of Parental Rights
- Hyper-sexualization / Victimization of Children
- Censorship / Persecution of Dissenters
- Pseudoscience
- Surveillance / Elimination of Privacy / "Contact Tracing"
- Digital IDs / “Vaccine Passports”  
- Central Bank Digital Currency / Social Credit Score
- Urban Concentration Camps / "15 min Cities" / "Smart Cities" / C-40
- More limitations on your Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

Despite the propaganda US' only gain from UN/WHO membership is vulnerability to tyranny.  We have a Constitution, help compel our Legislators to use it by getting us out from under these globalist organizations and restoring our rights and freedoms. 

Frankly, one email won't do it.  So each of us needs to share this link: with everyone you can reach to motivate them to join you in preserving the US' democracy.

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