Canadian Petition - Letter to MPs and Senators


Support the Canadian Parliamentary Petition to Exit WHO / UN and End Tyranny.

MP Leslyn Lewis is sponsoring Parliamentary Petition #4623 urging Canada's withdrawal from WHO and the United Nations. YOU CAN HELP make this happen by sending the letter on this page to your legislators enlisting their support. Take the simple steps below and then share them widely via email, social media, and personal contact.

Canada must succeed in withdrawing from these dangerous organizations in order to preserve national sovereignty, personal autonomy and society as we know it. The global agenda known as the Great Reset, which includes 15 minute cities, traumatic sexualization / mutilation of children, total surveillance, destruction of property and parental rights, and economic disaster must not succeed. The ONLY force that can stop it is WE the People.

 STEP 1 - Send the letter in the Take Action Now! box on this page to your legislators urging their support for Canada's Exit from WHO / UN and all related organizations and obligations (including the International Health Regulations). After sending the letter you will be offered the opportunity to send a tweet, make a phone call, and / or record a video. Click "CONTINUE" to be re-directed to the petition in step 2.

 STEP 2 - Copy and share these links with everyone you can reach.

Letter to legislators: 

View Parliamentary Petition (now closed):                         

For documentation and further information please visit

THANK YOU for your participation in restoring Canada's Freedom.