Take Action to Protect SNAP Food Assistance for Children and Families

Bad bill alert!

Senate Bill 562 has passed the WV State Senate and is pending in the House Finance Committee. The bill increases bureaucratic red tape in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which provides critical food assistance for West Virginia families.

SNAP brings millions of federal dollars into our food economy, helping support families and local retailers. SB 562 would kick West Virginians off SNAP by imposing a confusing and ineffective work requirement on adults up to sixty years old. 

A recent study from the US Department of Agriculture’s Federal Nutrition Service found that mandatory work requirements have no positive impact on employment or earnings but do drastically reduce SNAP enrollment and decrease family food security.

SB 562 would undermine the great work the state’s SNAP E&T program is already doing through job training partnerships in their voluntary program, because the program does not have the administrative capacity to find employment and training slots for everyone who would be required to have one.

Please use this form to send a message and urge lawmakers to REJECT SB 562, which cuts food access. The Legislature should be decreasing hunger - not making it worse.