Don’t Make Minnesota a Sanctuary State for illegal immigrants!

As a sanctuary state, Minnesota will become a magnet for illegal immigration.

A functioning society needs limits!

Unlimited immigration with no questions asked will stretch our governments, our non-profits, our neighborhoods, and our families.

There must be a limit to compassion and empathy in Minnesota. We can be welcoming, we can even lead the nation. But there must be limits.

The Sanctuary State bill proposed in the 2024 session will prohibit any Minnesota entity — law enforcement, state agency, city government — from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. Since when does a state refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement?

Worse yet, the bill requires local governments to tip off illegal immigrants when the feds ask about them.

Sign the petition!

Tell the Minnesota House and Senate we need limits on immigration and to oppose the Sanctuary State bill (HF 3459)