Child Abuse Prevention Month Digital Advocacy Day 2024

We have the extraordinary opportunity to educate lawmakers about prevention policies that positively impact families and children. Your members of Congress need to hear from you Today!   

Join us in participating in Prevent Child Abuse America’s nationwide Digital Advocacy Day on April 16th to raise our collective voice together. With this easy-to-use platform, you can be an advocate today and email, tweet, or call your member of Congress in less than 2 minutes and show your support for all families. 
Congress faces a lengthy list of legislative items to be addressed and agreed upon each year, including those that address the need for prevention efforts across the nation. These priorities will strengthen primary prevention across states and communities by investing funding for community-based child abuse prevention grants, the prevention of child sexual abuse, and supporting positive childhood experiences and the prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Reach out to your members of Congress TODAY to use our collective voices to raise awareness of critical funding supports to children and families. Together, let’s ask Congress to prioritize children and invest in the necessary supports that families need to be healthy and thrive and prevent child abuse and neglect. Reach out to your members of Congress and advocate for appropriations to support families and children in the communities in which they live and grow.