Support for Prevailing Wage Inclusion for Custom Fabrication Projects in Pennsylvania

Why is prevailing wage important to you in PA?

  • Fair Compensation: Prevailing wage inclusion ensures that fabricators in Pennsylvania receive fair compensation for their specialized skills and craftsmanship, reflecting the value of their work in the construction industry.
  • Promotes Quality Craftsmanship: By offering fair wages, prevailing wage inclusion encourages fabricators to maintain high standards of craftsmanship, leading to superior quality in custom fabrication projects across the state.
  • Supports Economic Stability: Fair wages contribute to the economic stability of fabricators and their families, enabling them to meet their financial needs and support local businesses, thus fostering economic growth in Pennsylvania communities.
  • Attracts Skilled Workers: Prevailing wage inclusion makes Pennsylvania an attractive destination for skilled fabricators, encouraging them to work on public construction projects and contribute their expertise to the state's development.
  • Ensures Level Playing Field: Including custom fabrication projects under prevailing wage regulations creates a level playing field in the construction industry, preventing unfair competition and safeguarding the rights of fabricators against exploitation.