Help support Survivors of Violence in California and Pass AB 3127!

Tell California to priortize survivor health and safety by passing AB 3127!

AB 3127 - Centering Survivor Health and Safety addresses California's medical mandatory reporting law, originally passed in the 90s - which required reports to law enforcement for any physical injuries known or suspected to be from assaultive or abusive conduct (including domestic and sexual violence). Though this mandatory reporting law had good intentions to acknowledge domestic violence as a public health issue and give providers a role in addressing it, we have since then learned a lot about trauma-informed care, and now have a robust network of anti-violence advocacy programs across the state. We have also learned about the harms of non-consensual law enforcement involvement, which especially impacts marginalized communities like the LGBTQ community.

The current law has a chilling effect, which prevents survivors from accessing the health care they desperately need. Survivors experience long term health consequences as a result of their abuse, not just short-term injuries. AB 3127 aims to significantly limit injuries reportable to law enforcement to injuries from firearms, or that are life threatening, or child/elder abuse, which is also covered under separate statutes and will not change. This bill would require a referral or warm handoff to an advocacy program for any known or suspected domestic/sexual violence. Advocates are trained experts in domestic violence and can work with survivors to safety plan and connect them to a whole host of services they may need (including housing, transportation, cash assistance, etc)

Take action now and make your support for survivors heard by California legislators and Governor Newsom.