Stop the new Federal "Assault Weapons" ban

Georgia Congresswoman Lucy McBath has brought forward a new federal “assault weapons” ban by introducing the “GOSAFE” Act - HR 8600. 

The Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Firearms Exclusion (GOSAFE) Act does just what you think it will do: Ban ALL AR and AK style rifles, along with anything over a ten-round magazine. 

This Georgia Congresswoman wants to bring the New York SAFE Act (and many other versions in places like California and Chicago and Maryland) to every single gun owner in the United States. 

Not only that, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action, along with all the other vocal, bought-and-paid for gun control groups, are now beating their war drums and making this bill’s passage a priority. 

If they get their way, countless millions of Americans would be incapable of fully exercising their Second Amendment rights and protecting their loved ones.

That’s why we need YOU to take action now and send an email to Congress demanding that they STOP the GOSAFE Act NOW!