Protect Funding for the Texas Commission on the Arts

Unlock Your Child’s Ability to Achieve.

It’s a proven fact: arts education brings out BIG things in Texas students. Art Can improve student performance, build a 21st century workforce and power the Texas Economy.

The arts also generate $5.59 billion for the Texas economy. That means a more prosperous Texas.

The arts improve Texas’ economy, culture and future. Let’s keep it that way.

Access to arts education delivers measurable results for Texas' kids, including:

15% higher pass rates on standardized tests
1/2 as likely to drop out of school
Higher attendance
Preparation for the 21st century workforce
It’s a proven fact: Art Can ensure a bright future for our state. Get involved and ensure every child has access to the arts.

 By filling out the form letter to the right, (in less than a minute) you can let your state legislators know your student needs access to arts education to meet their potential and to express themselves during these unprecendented times.