Sign your name today and urge lawmakers to oppose cap and trade!

Oregon lawmakers are considering implementing a cap and trade program that would cost Oregon families and small businesses hundreds of millions of dollars each year! 

Under their cap and trade proposal:

  • Gas prices are expected to increase by 16 cents per gallon in just the first year.
  • Natural gas rates would increase by double-digits in year one, rising by as much as 53% in later years.
  • Farmers and ranchers already operating on thin margins could be forced to raise their prices or find it harder to stay in business.
  • Good-paying jobs in industries like manufacturing would be put at risk.

All this for a program that experts have said would have virtually no positive environmental benefits. Cap and trade is all pain, no gain for Oregonians.

Your legislators need to hear from you! Fill out this form and urge your elected leaders to oppose the cap and trade bill.