Gov. Newsom - VETO SB 793! Youth don't belong in bars!

SB 793 is another misguided alcohol-related bill from Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco). It creates a new alcohol license type for bars and clubs that present live music to encourage underage youth patrons.

Unfortunately it ignores data that shows environmental alcohol sales among underage and young adults are associated with increased alcohol-related harms and hospitalization from physical assault, rape and other sexual assaults.

Yes the bill will increase business for music venues but at the expense of the health and safety of underage patrons. The bill lacks mandatory on-site security or any form of identifying underage people who will easily procure and consume alcohol among older patrons.

SB 793 is a bad deal for California youth who will be victimized if this bill is allowed to become law. There are safer ways to create all-age music enjoyment than creating a new alcohol license type. Please VETO SB 793.