Take Action Today and Oppose AB 1404!

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is opposing Assembly Bill 1404 by Assemblymember Miguel Santiago. This bill unfairly targets Kaiser Permanente by requiring that it publish online the pay scales and total compensation for thousands of its physicians. 

This unprecedented intrusion into the operation of a private organization is anti-competitive and serves no public policy purpose.In fact, it is extremely anti-competitive and violates the fundamental rights of employees who choose to work for a private organization to have their compensation information be kept private.

What’s worse, is that AB 1404 provides a roadmap for our competitors to recruit away our physicians.  We could even lose doctors to providers in other states with significant physician shortages, like Nevada and Arizona.  That harms access to care for all Californians.

The Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center is one of Hollywood’s biggest employers and serves hundreds of thousands of residents in the region. Ultimately, this bill would negatively impact the physicians that serve these communities.

For these reasons, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce urges you to oppose AB 1404.