Call To Action: NYC Restaurants & Bars Need Outdoor Space

NYC needs to make more outdoor space available to restaurants and bars to serve food and beverages to customers when they're permitted to reopen.

1. The City of New York NEEDS to modify our built environment for the reality of human activity that's upon us.

2. We are entering Memorial Day weekend. It will be summer soon.

3. NY’ers have been cooped up, they are social creatures, and they WILL spend time outside.

4. People want to support their local RESTAURANTS. A framework must be implemented for this to happen in an orderly, efficient and safe way.

5. NY’ers social and economic behavior WILL be critical to NYC’s public health and economic recovery.

6. NYC must open streets, extend sidewalks, utilize pedestrian plazas, parks & other open spaces for restaurants to serve customers in a safe and responsible way.

7. Make outdoor restaurant dining part of Phase 1 of NYC’s reopening

8. Small business will need clear guidance and guidelines and a streamlined process to implement outdoor dining.

9. NYC must rise to the occasion and make this happen. WE CAN.

10. NYC will not fully recover unless the restaurant industry is at the core of our city’s social and economic   recovery.

11. Let’s rebuild NYC into a stronger & more resilient city.