Make Healthcare Hero Pay Permanent

Join us in our fight to protect Ontario’s front-line heroes. Urge your government representatives to make the pandemic pay increases permanent for all hands-on healthcare workers in homes, hospitals, and community living facilities, including long-term care homes.

Why should you care? We need these essential workers to support our most vulnerable populations. Making the pay increase that some front-line workers temporarily received earlier this year the standard for all hands-on healthcare workers will help counteract the pressures that the COVID-19 crisis has placed on them. In turn, it will make our province more resilient to the long-term effects of the pandemic.

But that’s not all. Legislation has been passed that is making it more difficult for these workers to earn a living wage. Emergency order legislation is suspending certain collective privileges and preventing staff from booking time off when they need it most. This is unfair, especially as they are working to keep our province healthy in its time of crisis.

What can you do? Using the form on the right, send an email to your local member of provincial Parliament (MPP), Premier Doug Ford, and other politicians in healthcare. You can choose to send a prepopulated message, or you can edit to include your own comments and personal stories. You even have the option of preparing a video or calling your representative directly. Every bit helps!

Act today. Our healthcare heroes need us just as much as we need them.  

Make Healthcare Hero Pay Permanent is an initiative of CLAC, an independent, all-Canadian labour union founded on the belief that people, businesses, and work communities flourish when workplaces are based on cooperation and mutual respect.