Proposed 6 NYCRR Part 496 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In order to ensure that our industry is acknowledged as a partner in the Climate Change discussion, it is imperative that we convey the importance of keeping forests as forests - and more specifically, as working forests.  Unintended consequences of the proposed regulations may make it difficult for private forest landowners to maintain their lands as sustainable forests.

Moving forward, from this regulation, we need to make sure that subsequent regulations consider the following question: how do we harness the sequestration benefits of working forests and the wood products they produce without placing the economic burden on the landowners, wood product manufacturers and rural communities that depend on them?

When policies support market-based approaches that support the environmental and economic benefits of working forests, they are helping to improve both the climate and economies of communities we live in.  The sequestration targets indirectly established by this rulemaking are substantial and we need every market driven solution to help achieve them. 

The deadline to submit your comments is Tuesday, October 27, 2020 at 5pm!

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