Thoughts on Why OneClickPolitics Offers the Best Advocacy Technology and Consulting Solutions

"One of the keys to a successful government relations campaign is having a strong grassroots software program supporting your lobbying efforts.

One Click Politics was the key that helped me to deliver more than 25,000 highly targeted messages to Congress, and gave our employees and passengers a loud voice pushing for the Coach USA / Megabus.com policy point of view."

“Job well done sir, keep up the great work! We’re FINALLY using the platform, and absolutely love it!”

“OneClickPolitics is much more than its name suggests. Not only does it place our supporters in touch with decision-makers, it also allows those same users to be redirected to our donation page. This is critical to offsetting campaign costs and expanding our reach. We are throughly impressed with what we have been able to achieve.”

"OneClickPolitics is more than effective advocacy software; they helped us design a custom digital presence and strategy to help educate, engage, and nurture relationships with thousands of attraction industry employees and consumers. The creative efforts of the OneClickPolitics consulting team, who assisted us with copywriting, creative, and digital strategies, led to sustained advocate engagement and increased effectiveness in mobilizing our stakeholders."

"OneClickPolitics allows us to connect our supporters to Congress, and other leaders, in order to inform them of the hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide facing brutal violence in a record number of countries by regimes who disregard the universal human right to religious freedom that we as a nation must defend. We are thrilled by the technology provided to us by OneClickPolitics and appreciate the generous support of Chazz and his team."

"OneClickPolitics is by far the most powerful and innovative advocacy platform I've ever worked with. Chazz and his team are phenomenal. They took the time to walk us through the entire platform and made sure we knew how to use it to best activate our advocates at Weedmaps."

“We were able to get seven public acts signed into law using OneClickPolitics. We used the whole matrix of tools that OCP offers: emails, social media, and patch through calling. OneClickPolitics was the way that we were able to connect our members to their elected officials to achieve our goals.”

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