Tell the Governor to stop the tax attack on NM businesses!

After the 2021 Legislative Session, state lawmakers presented the Governor with a budget plan that included $600 million in federal aid money to refill the state's depleted unemployment Insurance (UI) trust fund. Instead of using the federal aid money to help replenish the fund, the Governor vetoed that specific item and instead elected to increase the tax burden on some businesses to refill the UI fund. This is wrong, and unfair to the NM businesses that had no say in the layoffs that they will now be punished for.  

NMBC asks you to join with us and tell the Governor to protect New Mexican jobs and businesses. We have the money to solve this problem right now. And by using federal aid dollars to fix our UI fund, the state won't need to raise taxes for years on the businesses still struggling to recover. 

Joining NMBC's call to action is simple and takes less than a minute. Just fill out the fields on the right side of this page and you can send an email directly to the Governor.