OPPOSE S2762 Wage Lien Bill


The Wage Lien Bill that the governor vetoed in 2020 is back in the New York State Senate and YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW WEEKS LEFT TO HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

If you operate a restaurant, nightlife establishment, or other business in New York you NEED to contact your State Senator NOW and tell them you strongly OPPOSE Wage Lien Bill S2762, which would allow employees to file liens against the personal assets of business owners, their investors, and even frontline managers, solely upon the allegation of a wage dispute, not a judicial ruling of wrongdoing or a judgment.

While we take wage theft extremely seriously – and recognize the proposal’s positive intentions – this bill eliminates due process for all good small business owners, investors, and frontline managers, and could have serious consequences and severe economic and operational implications. 


  • Allow any employee to file a lien on their current or former employer and its owners, investors, and frontline managers, based on the employee’s mere allegations of wage violation, not a judicial ruling or a judgement.
  • Could negatively impact or freeze credit on small business owners, investors, and frontline managers because when a lien is filed banks may not extend credit and could hurt credit scores.
  • Could make business owners, investors, and frontline managers unable to sell assets like a home a car, and certain investments.

***When you enter your businesses address our system will automatically identify your State Senator and provide a pre-drafted email, which you may send to your Senator as is, or edit and personalize for greater impact.

***VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to send a separate email for each NYC restaurant and/or nightlife venue you operate, and your home address if in New York State. Enter each business address separately so all your State Senators hear your voice. SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO WOULD BE IMPACTED BY THIS LEGISLATION AND URGE THEM TO SEND AN EMAIL IN OPPOSITION TOO. The more businesses they hear from, the more powerful the message!