Ask Gov. Newsom to Sign AB 368 - Support Dual Enrollment #EducationEquity

Dear HOPE Supporters, Alumnae & Community Partners,

HOPE is proud to cosponsor AB 368 (Holden) with Ed-Trust West to make dual enrollment programs more accessible to students by updating College and Career Access Pathways partnerships (CCAP). 

The has flown through the legislature with bipartisan support and now heads to the Governor's Desk. 

AB 368 adds "underrepresented students in higher education" into the statute, saves students money, makes higher education attainable, and streamlines the process for students who need the most support.

HOPE believes this bill removes accessibility barriers and allows more students to be served! 

Can you please help by taking a minute to send our Governor an email urging him to sign AB 368?!

Step One: Fill out the form with your mailing address. 

Step Two: Hit "EXPAND EMAIL" to customize the message and add where you are from or something about yourself to personalize the letter. 

Step Three: Submit! - Thank you for supporting the future of our students!

What the bill does:

  • Defines "underrepresented in higher education" to mean members of groups that have historically comprised a minority of the population of the United States, first-time college students, low-income students, current or former foster youth, homeless students, students with disabilities, and students with dependent children.
  • Requires a CCC to provide priority enrollment for CCC courses to CCAP participants seeking to enroll in a community college course necessary for the participant's CCAP partnership program.
  • Clarifies CCAP courses may be offered at the CCC or participating high school campuses, participants are exempt from paying CCC fee requirements, and the CCC chancellor must share disaggregated data to see the program impact. 

Why it is important: 

  • This bill intends to help students who need the most support and are underrepresented in higher education. 
  • Data shows that providing these opportunities to students makes them more likely to attend a higher education institution for a degree, certificate, or for the workforce. 

Where's the bill in the process: 

  • The Governor has until October 14th to sign or veto this bill. 

Bonus Points: Make a quick phone call to Governor Newsom's office and ask him to sign AB 368. 

Steps: 1. Call - (916) 445-2841, 2. Say: 

Hi, my name is  _____________, and I live in ____________. 

I am calling to ask the Governor to Support AB 368. 

Thank you! 

3. Done! 

Thank you for your advocacy and outreach for HOPE and your communities!


Any Questions? Reach out to Carol Gonzalez, our Policy Consultant: or at (951) 437-4594