Stop the DeWine-Husted Gun-Control Agenda!

Mike DeWine and Jon Husted are working hard to pass their gun-control agenda into law, and we need to fight back!

Their gun-control bill is Senate Bill 221.

SB221 would implement a Red Flag gun-confiscation scheme on steroids, allowing gun-confiscation by bypassing Ohio's criminal court system (where you normally have to be convicted of a crime before losing your gun rights!) and empowering liberal probate court judges to strip someone of their Second Amendment freedoms!

Worse, these liberal judges can strip you of your freedom based on a mere claim someone might make that you use drugs or drink too much alcohol.

But it gets worse. 

SB221 implements a defacto Universal Gun Registry as well by allowing gun owners to be prosecuted if they do NOT register as a gun buyer before they purchase a firearm!

It's time to stand up and FIGHT BACK! Take action today, and when you are finished, make sure you share this around to your family and friends!

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