The LA Legislature Must End the Public Health Emergency

On Thursday, September 17, 2020, the Louisiana House of Representatives will meet at 12:30 pm to discuss a petition that would end the public health emergency in Louisiana, utilizing R.S. 29:768. The Members of the House are being pressured NOT to sign by an influential lobby who claim local municipalities will suffer without federal and state funding for items that the State of Emergency COMPELS them to have. It is not a sound argument that municipalities will need funding for an emergency if that emergency does not exist. Municipalities are in dire need of funding for public resources for which tax dollars from healthy, fully-functioning businesses can provide. 

The Louisiana Legislature MUST end the public health emergency so that local businesses can get back to the business of creating employment opportunities and tax revenue. 

The Members of the House have been in discussion of two petitions: the original Seabaugh petition and a newer petition which would terminate the public health emergency but allows the Governor to immediately declare another public health emergency.

Action on the part of the Legislature is MONTHS overdue. The captured leadership of the House is determined to push through a petition with holes so they MUST have the Seabaugh petition on standby - signed and ready to implement when Edwards takes advantage of the loophole. 

Contact your State Legislators and ask them to ACT NOW!! End the public health emergency and every unconstitutional edict that accompanies it. And have the Seabaugh Petition ready to go!!